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We are in the midst of a revolution for business applications made possible by cloud technology, artificial intelligence and Big Data. Is your company ready for the next step in automation? BrightBlocks is a finance & international trade specialist that helps companies make the jump.

Creating space for expanding companies

A growing company is faced with increasingly complex challenges. How do you ensure supply is closely matched to demand? How do you optimize your accounting efforts when you operate multiple locations in different countries? And most importantly, how do you phase out obsolete systems in favor of an integrated solution that facilitates growth instead of impeding it? These are the areas where BrightBlocks excels.

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Creating space for expanding companies
Sprint based planning

Sprint based planning

It’s not uncommon for large scale automation projects to take years to complete. BrightBlocks, on the other hand, utilizes a sprint based system that allows for key components to be up and running after a period of months, sometimes even weeks. Offering software in the form of clearly defined blocks further expedites implementation, allowing our clients to see a return on their investment much quicker than before.

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The human factor in automation

The human factor in automation

The right piece of software is an important step towards fully optimised operations, but the human factor is not to be underestimated when it comes to automation. It can take time before an organisation starts relying on the new systems and employees begin familiarising themselves with new tools. To make this transition as easy as possible, BrightBlocks spends ample time training personnel and making sure software is used as efficiently as possible.

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